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San Felipe

Situated 15 km from Los Andes, this is one of the most important cities in the Valley of the River Aconcagua. It has 65,000 inhabitants. There is constant commercial activity, generated by supplies for the farmers and countrymen.

Every August the meeting El Folclor Canta a San Felipe (Folklore Sings to San Felipe), and every September folkloric groups make a public appearance in the Plaza de Armas.

During your stay you should visit the plaza, and the Cathedral which stands on its North side, declared a National Monument, the poplar groves of Yungay, O’Higgins, Maipú and Chacabuco. In Avenida Yungay you will find the Buen Pastor Church and Cloister. You should also visit the Museum of History of Aconcagua.

To visit in San Felipe:

Museum of History of Aconcagua
There is a display of the culture of Aconcagua in the museum, and another display with various historical objects which, for the most part, relate to San Felipe.

Buen Pastor Church and Cloister
This is a group of buildings made up of a monastery and a church, both built in 1855, a college and a park.

Church and Monastery of San Francisco de Curimón
Located in calle Santiago Bueras 1291 de Curimón at approximately 7 km from San Felipe. This museum is run by the Church and Monastery of the Franciscan order of Curimón. It houses valuable paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries as well as objects from the Colonial era. It is built in the Colonial style and is a National Monument.

Church and Monastery of San Francisco de Almendral
Located in the town of Almendral 2 km from San Felipe. The building of this monastery began in 1865, and the building of the church in 1872. Together they are the most authentic expression of identity of this region. The temple was inaugurated in 1876. Inside there is a variety of religious imagery from the Colonial era, with furniture and dressed models of that age.

The tower and the front were designed by the Italian architect Eduardo Provasoli, who oversaw the construction of Franciscan buildings in various regions of the country.

Thermal Spring of Jahuel
This is a center of thermal springs located 18 km northeast of San Felipe, at a height of 1,170 meters above sea level, in the rural countryside of the Foothills of the Andes, with hills and low level plateaus. Its waters flow at 22ºC and are recommended for the treatment of respiratory disease, rheumatic pain, problems relating to the kidneys, digestive system, cardiac and hepatic problems and lumbar pain, as well as joint problems, arthritis, mental fatigue, sleep disorders and general convalescence.

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