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Rilán Church

It is located on the Dalcahue road heading out of Castro. The church is in Rilán’s main square, a town 27 km from Castro. Its main religious festival is held on 11th February in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes.

There is no record of a construction date for Rilán church, but there are records dating back to 1658. The present day temple, built at the beginning of the 20th century reflects the maturity of the Chiloé School of Architecture. 
The most impressive features are the vault, the stone base and the structure made from coigüe, cypress and Chilean laurel wood as well as the external layer made from Chilean tepa wood.
In spite of it being one of the best preserved churches on Chiloé Island, it has undergone some changes, for example its wooden tiles have been replaced with corrugated iron and the tower has been reduced.
It was declared a National Monument in 1971 and a World Heritage Site in December 2000.
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