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Recipes for Chilean Stews

·         ½ kilo of casserole beef
·         1 large onion
·         4 large potatoes
·         ¼ kilo of pumpkin
·         2 cloves of garlic
·         ½ cup of oil
·         2 teaspoons of paprika
·         1 pinch of pepper
·         1 ½ teaspoons of oregano
·         1 pinch of cumin
·         1 ½ teaspoons of salt


Finely dice the meat and tenderise it. Fry it in a casserole dish for 10 minutes and add the diced potatoes, pumpkin, onion and garlic together with the rest of the ingredients and fry for a further 10 minutes. Add boiling water (just enough to cover the mixture) and cook until the potatoes are soft. With a fork mash the potatoes and pumpkin slightly.

Mix paprika with oil to make a dressing and pour it over the stew once it has been plated. Serve with pickled onions and pickled green chillies.

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