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Puerto Octay

Puerto Octay, 48 km from Puerto Varas, is set on the shores of Lago Llanquihue, and in summer you can visit beautiful, warm beaches of soft sand, ideal for a relaxing vacation fishing or enjoying various water sports.

The origins, growth and development of Puerto Octay are closely linked to the colonization of the area, started by Bernardo Phillipi and Vicente Pérez Rosales in 1852. Puerto Octay became one of the most important ports on Lago Llanquihue, with a thriving commercial activity.

More houses were built, as well as hotels and hostels to welcome the tourists. Workshops and small industries sprang up and steam launches plied ceaselessly to the many little wharves around the lakeshore.

Places to visit in Puerto Octay

Playa La Baja
This gently sloping beach on the Península de Centinela is 3 km long. It has fine sand, and there is a jetty with boats and pedalos, and a hostel. It is ideal for a family day out and suitable for water sports. There is natural protection from the wind, and it is provided with changing rooms and toilets.

Playa Cascadas
This beach is 36 km from Puerto Octay, at the extreme north east of Lago Llanquihue, surrounded by native trees. It is suitable for water sports and for a family day out.

Playa Maitén
This gently sloping, fine sand beach, 3 km long, is 9 km from Puerto Octay. It is set among the lush vegetation typical of the zone. There is a picnic area, changing rooms and toilets. It offers excellent fishing.

Playa Puerto Fonck
23 km from Puerto Octay following the coast road round Lago Llanquihue, this beach is ideal for those in search of a peaceful place to relax, as it is a long way from any main road. There is fine sand and a picnic area.

Playa Islote Rupanco
A fine sand beach with picnic areas. The Club de Pesca y Caza is located here, offering restaurant service and lodging. Excellent for water sports.

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