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Tambo of Zapahuira

This tambo, a traditional inn where travelers stopped to rest, is located 107 km from Arica and has been declared National Monument. Under the Inca Empire it also served for the storage of a reserve of textiles, food and arms, and this service constituted the contribution that the village rendered to Sapa Inca (name given to important warriors).

It is composed of a row of rectangular rooms, with two wings at the ends, and an east-west axis with rectangular spaces for administrative purposes. The walls of the rooms are built with a double row of dressed stone and the building has a two-pitched roof. In the corners you can see the technique that was used for fastening with ties the blocks of the panels which are being joined.

It is one the biggest tambos of the Inca period in the area and although its condition is not excellent, it is well worth a visit.

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