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Humberstone Saltpeter Office

This Ghost Town is 52 km from Iquique and its complete name is Oficina Santiago Humberstone, althoug at the beginin it was called La Palma. It was established in 1862 and changed owners in 1934, adopting the name by which it is known today. It has been declared a National Monument.

The office functioned until 1960, when the saltpeter business suffered a decline. The buildings have been well preserved and you can go in and appreciate their sumptuous construction. A good example is the theater, which stands in the square and still has its original seats. You can also see the church, which has been recently restored.

Elsewhere you will find a copper swimming pool with a bamboo roof against the sun, tennis courts, old houses for the miners, the Pulpería (shop) and the administration building.

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