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History of Pucón

Pucón was founded on the 27th February 1883, as another stage in the pacification of the region and its people. Once Villarica had been founded a second time, a group of soldiers was ordered to find an adequate site to build a fort. Consequently the military garrison of Pucón was founded with the aim of protecting the national sovereignty and intergrating the surrounding region into part of the national territory.

The beautiful scenery, with the majestic backdrop of the volcano and the serenity of the lake, united to a plan of Government colonization, allowed for the arrival of a large number of people, national and foreign, who stayed and made their homes in Pucón

Originally Pucón came under the Government supervision of Valdivia. On the 12th August 1932 the county of Pucón was created as a sub-delegation of Villarrica, under the supervision of the Cautín province. On the 1st January 1936 it was set up as it its own independent county.

With regards to its infrastructure Pucón has an urban hospital and three rural medical posts. It also has two high schools and 25 junior schools. The tourist infrastructure is very developed and supplies jobs to many of the local people.

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