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History of Concepción

Concepción was founded in 1550 on the present site of the city of Penco, and was the second most important city in Chile during the Spanish colonization. Between 1565 and 1573 it was seat of the Royal Court. In 1600, with the desertion of the cities located to the south of the Bío Bío, the bishopric of The Imperial was moved, after which it was no longer the permanent base of the army.

In 1764 it was rebuilt in its present site, after an earthquake and a seaquake which destroyed it in 1751.

In 1811 Concepción was the scene for the proclamation of Chilean independence. Another earthquake destroyed it again in 1835, and two more damaged it very badly, in 1939 and 1960, making it today a modern city, with few traces of its important past.

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