Portada de Antofagasta


Known as the Antofagasta Archway, this rock formation is located 16 km north of Antofagasta, on the way to Mejillones. To get there, take Ruta 1 (Antofagasta-Tocopilla) as far as kilometer 20, and then follow a minor road for 2 km. Both roads are in good condition all year round.

The Portada de Antofagasta has been created by the steady erosive action of the sea on the shore, which has also resulted in the presence of steep, jagged cliffs. Bird droppings carried by the wind have been deposited on the surface of the stratified sandstone.

Visitors can enjoy various recreational activities in the area of the Natural Monument, observing the beauty of the arch and its surroundings, taking photographs, and walking and playing on the beach.

The area open for public use includes the sector of the beach which extends between the access road in the north and the striation in front of the arch of La Portada in the south.

The beach has fine sand and limpid waters. On the top platform there is a restaurant.

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