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Places to Visit in Viña del Mar

Avenida Perú
This pretty avenue runs alongside the promenade where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. It was built in 1930 to connect two of the town’s beaches – Playa Estero and Playa Acapulco.

Calle Valparaíso
This is the main shopping street in the town. Galería Florida is a nice square with many shops and cafes.

Museo de la Cultura del Mar
This two storey house has a tower which dates back to 1880 and was built by Gustavo Adolfo Wulff Mowle, it is known nowadays as Castillo Wulff (Wulff Castle). The museum has exhibits of shipping paraphernalia, including rudders, amongst other exhibits.

Quinta Vergara

This is considered one of Chile’s most beautiful Parks and is home to The Fine Arts Museum (Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes). This beautiful estate which is surrounded by many hills and trees, boasts many walking paths. It is also the setting for the town’s International Song Competition (Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar).

Palacio Rioja
This national Heritage site is surrounded by beautiful parkland and boasts an open air theatre, a swimming pool, tennis courts, stables and a ring for exercising horses. This beautiful French style mansion is now owned by the local council and is the home to the Museo Ambiental (Enviromental Museum).

Muelle Vergara
This dock was built in 1910 for the local sugar refining company Refinadora de Azúcar de Viña del Mar (CRAV). It was remodelled in 1983 at which time it was made into a recreation zone where you can find restaurants and some handicrafts.

Casa Subercaseaux
This house is located opposite Plaza Vergara on the corner with calle Valparaíso. It was built in 1912 and belonged to Francisco Subercaseaux. It is now owned by an insurance company called "La Española" and operates as the Hotel Español.

Casino Municipal
The town’s casino is located at 199, Avenida San Martín and was officially inaugurated on the 31stof December 1990. It is an impressive building and with its main gaming rooms, shows and restaurants it is undoubtedly the town’s number one all year round attraction.

Paseo Mirador Muelle Vergara
This piece of engineering was built in 1910 to meet the town’s industrial needs. Here you can see the old crane which was used for loading and unloading the various boats which used to berth on the dock.

Mirador de los Lobos Marinos o Mirador Cochoa

From this lookout point, located only 3 km from Reñaca, you can see sea lions frolicking on the rocks. The marina fauna is a popular attraction amongst tourists.

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