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This is a prehispanic oasis 2 400 metres above sea level with 286 inhabitants. It is located at the foot of a mountain belonging to the Andes mountain range. 

The village dates back to the 17th century and was originally located in Peine Viejo. Important flora in the area include; algarrobos, chañares and fruit trees. You can see the ruins of Peine Viejo.
San Roque Church
It was built around 1750 and has a stone tower which was rebuilt in1940. You will find a square in front of the church with algarrobo trees which is a popular attraction for visitors. 
Peine Viejo Ruins
In 1951 it was declared a National Monument. This was an atacameño village, the only remains being its walls and an arched doorway belonging to an old chapel.   Its structure is different from that of the old defensive pukarás (indigenous Andean fortifications) given that this was an open planned village with wide streets. Different building techniques were employed due to the long period of construction. During the Inca period it served as one of the most important resting stations along the Camino del Inca.
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