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National Reserve Los Bellotos del Melado

It spans 417 hectares and is located in the Andean foothills in the province of Linares. You can access it via a gravel road from the city of Linares, which goes as far as the tunnel known as Canal Melado and travels through the Embalse Ancoa (Ancoa Dam) area and Roblería, covering approximately 55 kms.

The Southern Belloto tree is prevalent in the reserve. It is an endangered species which can not be found in any other wild areas protected by the State. The reserve is also home to the Maulino oak, standard oak, Southern beech, Andean cypress trees, peumo,  litre , soapbark, and hazelnut trees. 
In terms of fauna there are numerous bird species such as; black woodpeckers, pitíos (another variety of woodpecker), tricahue parrots, eagles, viuditas, white-crested Elaenias, parakeets, tiuque and house wrens.
The administration building is located at the entrance. There are no camping or picnic facilities.
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