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Nahuelbuta National Park

The park comprises 6,832 hectares and is located 35 km from Angol, in the highest part of the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta, via the road to Vegas Blancas. The trip takes only an hour and the road is paved for 22 km and then gravel until you reach the park entrance. Access to the park is easy in summer but for the rest of the year you should use a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Consult the local tourist office first.

This park has various attractions, such as the Piedra del Águila, a natural lookout from the top of which you can see the Pacific Ocean and the Cordillera de Los Andes; Las Turberas (an area of scientific interest) with insect-eating plants; the Valle de Pehuenco, Cerro Pichinahuel, Cerro Anay and Coimalín.

This is the only sector in the Cordillera de la Costa with a large concentration of araucarias, as well as lenga, mañío de hoja larga, roble and coigüe. The fauna includes among others zorros chilotes, pudú, churrín, chucao, quique and the carpintero negro, an endangered species.

The climate in the park area is warm, with six rainy months. The summer is dry and hot, while from June to September there may be snowfall. The average annual temperature is 13º C.

There are walking trails such as the Piedra del Águila, Cerro Anay, and El Árbol or Repu Aliwen.

The camping area is Pehuenco and is right next to the administration. It has sites for ten tents, with tables, benches, fireplaces, water, very basic laundry facilities and bathrooms. It is 42 km from Angol and 58 km from Cañete. It is open to the public all year round.

You can get to the park via the daily bus service which runs between Temuco and Angol from the Terminal de Buses Bío Bío situated on Calle Lautaro 853 in Temuco, with 22 departures from Monday to Saturday and 16 on Sundays.

There are various places to camp in the park

Located in a space near the administration. The ten sites have tables, benches, stoves, drinking water, a place for doing laundry, basic hygiene services and places to rest in natural shade. The area has a nature walk called ‘El Arbol’ or ‘Repu- Aliwen’.

Located 5 km from the park administration with 4 picnic sites, tables, stoves, garbage cans and water.

The park has various walking trails

Piedra El Águila
The 4.5 km long trail will take you through forests of ñirre, coigüe, roble, araucaria and lenga. The trail starts in Pehuenco (picnic area) and finishes at the Piedra El Aguila lookout point.

Cerro Anay
A 5 km long trail suitable for everyone. There are some beautiful spots along the way.

El Árbol o Repu Aliwen
Ideal for tourists of any age as it is only 700 m long.

Estero Cabería o Pehuenco
This is a special place for children as it is highly educational. There is a thousand year-old araucaria. The path begins in Pehuenco and follows the bank of the Río Picoiquén.

You can access the park by three different routes. From Angol on the road to Vegas Blancas, it is a 37 km-long trip, 22 km of which is on a paved road and the rest is on a gravel road. You can drive this way in spring and summer in a normal car, but for the rest of the year it is only suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The second route is from Cañete, in the Bío-Bío Region further to the north. It is a 48 km-long trip through the Valle de Cayucupil, on the road to the ‘El Chacay’ farm. Finally, the third way is from Antihuala, Provincia de Arauco, a 60 km drive on a gravel road.

The park administration is in the Pehuenco sector, 42 km from Angol. The gates are at the eastern boundary of the park, 5 km from the administration. There are activities here all year round. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 13:00 hrs and 14:00 to 20:00 hrs.

Cotico, where activities for the public are held during the summer, is 12 km from the administration, and Pichinahuel is 7 km from the administration.

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