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Situated 25 km southeast of Curicó. Well known for the high quality of the wines that are produced there, the municipality of Molina has besides a great, natural beauty, in particular Lontué, the Radal-Siete Tazas National Reserve and Parque Inglés.

In the city of Molina there are hotels, a boarding house for tourists and cabañas run by the Ilustre Municipalidad (Famous Municipality) of Molina.

Places to Visit in Molina

In Lontué and around the majority of the vineyards belonging to the large exporting businesses of Chilean wine are located, including Viña San Pedro, Viña Santa Rita and Viña Concha y Toro, amongst others. The Ruta del Vino (Route of Wine) was created, running between the various producers of wine in the region, the objective of which was to show visitors where and how the wines are produced. As well as taking in the beautiful scenery along the route, you can sample a wide variety of internationally renowned wines.

Located 80 km west of Molina, this is the gateway to the Siete Tazas and Parque Inglés areas. The strength of this zone lies in its fishing and camping facilities. It’s a setting free of pollution with a warm and welcoming local community. The dark, mountainous landscape contrasts with a vigorous, warm vegetation. In the Siete Tazas area you can set up camp next to the famous, crystal-clear waterfalls and enjoy the profound peacefulness of nature.

Parque Inglés (English Park)
Situated 7 km east of Radal and 66 km southeast of Molina, this is an Andean region where it’s possible to camp under leafy trees, or picnic on the banks of the river Claro, where you can also bath in its cold and clear waters. In general the area’s natural conditions are excellent for adventure tourism. A trip to the Visitor Center, run by CONAF, is recommended, where you can find detailed and interesting information on the flora and fauna of the area.

Salto de la Leona (Waterfall of the Lioness)
Situated 46 km from Molina, this waterfall is one of the attractions of the area of the Radal Siete Tazas National Reserve. The geological formation of the Valley of the River Claro, which in this particular area drains off into a steep ravine formed by volcanic rock from various ages, has generated strange fluvial formations like this particular waterfall.

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