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Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi

This is the biggest mining project in the country, and is located 180 km from Iquique. It is an open cast working, including three separate deposits of copper ore. The ore extraction and treatment processes are carried out using modern technology.

Collahuasi is one of the principal copper producing sites in Chile, with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons, equivalent to 3% of world production and 10% of the production of Chile.

There are two working areas: Cordillerana and Puerto. The former consists of three mines for ore extraction, up in the Andean Plateau. The port zone is some 60 km from Iquique in Punta Patache and is where the copper concentrate arrives for shipment to its final destination.Related: larissa before and after plastic surgery, advantages of unitary approach in industrial relations, why does ian cheat on mickey, will a capricorn man come back after disappearing, pj’s white chocolate latte, what happened to bob harte’s cabin, latin music festival 2022 usa, asana intern interview, list of non accredited nursing schools in florida, arthur streeton, silver wattle, when does grace find out about vampires in crave, lost ark ascii characters, aabb guidelines for therapeutic phlebotomy, tee higgins and rashard higgins related, 2 found dead in marquette park,

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