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This village of approximately 500 inhabitants lies at an altitude of 2,750 meters above sea level. The houses are all built of stone, with straw and mud roofs. In the area you can see the stepped terraces, now abandoned, which were used for cultivation purposes.

The Church of San Marcos was built in 1632, and its architecture is noteworthy for the unique features of the Andean style which it possesses. It has two towers crowned by blue painted wooden belfries. In the interior, the choir contains an organ, and there are interesting details of wood and stone carving. Outside is the old cemetery, which was relocated in 1865.

Mamiña Hot Springs
These springs lie at more than 2,700 meters above sea level, 73 km from Pozo Almonte. There are two separate springs: Ipla and El Tambo.
The temperature in the former is 45°C while in the latter it is almost 57°C. The springs may be enjoyed in number of ways, as there are both mud baths and hot pools, and the water is so pure that it can also be drunk.
The water is recommended for the treatment of respiratory, nervous, rheumatic, neurological and skin complaints, as well as diabetes, stress, anemia, sciatica, lumbar-sciatica, ulcers and joint problems. The hot pools and steam baths are open all year round.

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