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Los Ruiles National Park

Situated 30 km southwest of Cauquenes, on a paved road between Cauquenes and Chanco and 142 km southeast of Talca. this park has over 45 hectares of land. It varies between 275 and 400 m above sea level and its main objective is to protect the Ruil, an endangered tree species that grows solely in the coastal areas in this region.  

It has a native forest, rich in species of trees such as; coigüe, hualo, cinnamon, pitao, hazelnut, pitao, avellano, copihue (the Chilean national flower), fiunque, pelú, tineo and taique. In terms of fauna, birds are more abundant and you will see examples of; the pitío, partridge, hawk, falcon, peuco, zorzal, loica, chercán, turtledoves, diucón and cachudito.
There are picnic areas, harmonious with the setting and paths designed so that you can observe in full detail the great variety of natural flora in the area.
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