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Llanos de Challe National Park


Located in the Carrizal Bajo area, 40 km from the city of Huasco and 60 km from Vallenar, on the coast.

The 45,708 hectares of the park provide a haven for various types of coastal desert vegetation of the zone, it is therefore home to a large quantity of flora and fauna.

Amongst the 278 types of flora that grow in the park, of note are the desert scrubland varieties, such as the cacti Copiapoa Carrizalensis and Copiapoa Hyopogea, just two examples of the 16 varieties that grow here.

The fauna of this park is dominated by 70 species, 56 of these are types of bird, 9 mammals, 4 reptiles and a type of amphibian. Out of these the following species stand out: the guanaco, the small fox and the culpeo (a Chilean fox), the Atacaman toad, guanicoe llama, the vultur griphus condor and the falcon.
The park has a Guards’ station, a campsite and is run by CONAF.

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