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Lake Chungará


 Lake Chungará forms part of the Lauca National Park and it is 192 km from Arica and 51 km from Putre. It has a surface area of 21.5 km2 and a maximum depth of 33m. Its main tributaries are the Rivers Chungará and Sopocalane.

The lake’s water is icy cold which is why you need to take just a quick dip. It is turquoise and you can see the reflection of the Chungará Volcano in it.
The present day birds of this region are species like; ñandu or suri, puna partridge, Chilean flamingos, guallatas, neotropic cormorants, giant red gartered coots, condors and the small jergon duck. Typical mammals are; guanacos, vicuñas, llamas, alpacas, tarucas, pumas, foxes and vizcachas.
When you are at Lake Chungará you can visit the town called Parinacota, which is 13 km away and has a beautiful church.
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