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Lago Elizalde

Located 33 km from Coihaique on the road to Balmaceda, this beautiful lake covers an area of about 2,510 hectares. It is 25 km long and the average width is 2 km, which gives it a very special appearance surrounded by coigüe and lenga forests.

The average temperature of the water is about 11°C. It belongs to a group of five lakes whose waters flow out to the west, towards Puerto Aisén. The others are: Lago Azul, Lago Caro, Lago Paloma and Lago Desierto.

A narrow channel links Lago Elizalde to Lago Caro, allowing small craft to pass from one lake to the other. The lake flows into the río Blanco, which then joins the río Aisén.

You reach the lake along a gravel road and it is a good site for fishing (especially trout), photography and hiking.

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