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Lago Colico


Lake located 25 km from the city of Cunco, a journey of little more than an hour by road from Temuco, in the direction towards the Andean foothills, northbound, also accessed via Villarrica from the south.

It has a surface area of approximately 56 km, and is used for recreational activities by tourists.

The shore is irregular and there are narrow and stony beaches. The waters of the lake are clear and lukewarm.

You can play on the beach, picnic and try out some water sports, although there are no facilities on the beaches. The flora of the area is formed of coigües, oak, notro, maquí trees, as well as chilco, quila and other varieties of shrubs. Amongst the aquatic fauna you can find trout, ferrio, rainbow trout and pejerrey. Access to the lake is along a dirt road, only 15 km from the city of Cunco.

There are many rivers where you can fish, such as the Colico River (that flows out of the Colico Lake), the Trafampulli River (that feeds into the same lake), Huilipilún River, Curaco River and the Blanco River.

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