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La Escondida Mine


The mine is located in the Andes Mountains, to the east of the city of Antofagasta, at an altitude of 3,100 mts. With an annual production of 80,000 tons of refined copper, it is the biggest in the world. The ore is extracted in the open-cast mine and then taken to a gigantic refining plant. From here the metal is taken to Puerto Coloso, on the coast, to be exported.

The mine has reserves of 2,100 million tons of ore with a legal standard concentration of 1.3%. There is a viewpoint where information about the operations of La Escondida Mine is provided through display panels and leaflets. You can also visit the mine in programmed visits you can schedule by visiting the Minera Escondida Foundation.

Address: Bernardo O’Higgins Av. No. 1280, Antofagasta / Gustavo Le Paige 527, San Pedro de Atacama.

Telf: (+56 55) 245 5000 / (+56 55) 285 1545

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