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How to get to Puerto Saavedra?


Puerto Saavedra is located 85 km from Temuco, 58 km from Nueva Imperial, 36 km from Carahue and 756 km from Santiago.

By car:
The fastest way is the Temuco – Nueva Imperial – Carahue – Puerto Saavedra route, which is paved completely. Another attractive route is to take the small roads from Carahue to Puerto Domínguez, and so arrive at Puerto Saavedra after crossing Lago Budi by ferry.
From Puerto Saavedra you can continue to Boca Budi taking a 5 km narrow gravel road in good condition.

By Bus:
To Puerto Saavedra there are several daily services from Temuco, Nueva Imperial, Carahue, Freire and Toltén.

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