How to get to Chaitén?


Chaitén is located 204 km from Puerto Montt and 1,225 km south of Santiago. You can get there:

By Car:
From Puerto Montt take Ruta 7 towards the Seno de Reloncaví, southbound, where you need to take a ferry from Caleta La Arena to Caleta Puelche and then towards Hornopirén. There you need to take another ferry, a crossing of 5 hours, that takes you to Caleta Gonzalo, 56 km from Chaitén, along Ruta 7.

By Plane:
Contact Puerto Montt airport for flight information, but there is generally at least one flight daily.

By Boat:
There are frequent ferries that go from Puerto Montt to either Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas, that stop in Chaitén. Consult timetables for details.

By Bus:
Several departures daily from the Bus Terminals at Puerto Montt and Hornopirén. Contact terminals for details.

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