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How to get to Ancud?


Ancud is 1,109 km from Santiago and 87 km from Puerto Montt.
There are several ways to get to Ancud:

By Plane:
The quickest way to reach Ancud is by flying to Puerto Montt. The non-stop flight takes about one hour 45 minutes and there are four flights daily.
From Puerto Montt, you can travel on to Ancud by car or bus. The Pan-American Highway runs from Puerto Montt to Pargua (60 km), and from here you take the ferry across Chacao Channel to the island. The ferry takes about 25 minutes and for the second stretch from Chacao to Ancud, which is about 27 km, you continue on Ruta 5 Sur towards the west.

By Bus:
The journey from Santiago to Ancud by bus takes about 16 hours. There is a high level of service and comfort on the buses which also have reclining seats.

By Car:
From Santiago take the Ruta 5 Sur to Puerto Montt. This journey takes about 13 hours. The remaining stretch is split into two parts: the first stage is from Puerto Montt to Pargua, where you take the ferry to cross the Chacao Channel to the island; the crossing takes about 25 minutes. The second part is from Chacao to Ancud, which is about 27 km along Ruta 5 Sur towards the west.

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