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Located 32 km west of Vollenar with a population of approximately 5,000, this is a small city founded on October 20 1752, whose main industries are farming and mining.

In years gone buy there were numerous gold and copper mines here, as well as foundries and wheat mills. Today there is still a marked style of architecture here, characteristic of the last century.

In this city there are attractions such as the building housing the present seat of the Municipality of Freirina, the Portales Building, built in 1870 and today a National Monument. Another is the church that dates from 1869, declared a National Monument in 1980.

There are some important tourist attractions in the outskirts of the city, for example the Chimneys of Labrar, 35 km southwest of Freirina. These two chimneys are the only evidence remaining of the famed Huasco copper mines of the mid-19th Century.

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