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El Romeral

Situated 12 km northeast of Curicó, the area of El Romeral has a natural border in the Teno and Pumaitén Rivers. This is an agricultural area where cherries, apples and other fruits are grown for sale throughout Chile and for export, due to their high quality.

Amongst the towns that make up the region of Romeral are Los Queñes, La Jaula, El Bodal, El Peumal, Pichuante, Morros Verdes and Los Huaicos 1, 2 and 3. There are examples of typical colonial adobe architecture with tiled roofs in the city of Romeral.

Los Queñes
Situated 36 km from El Romeral. A traditional resort for families of Curicó, where you can fish, take trips into places further into the mountain range, or relax.

Lagunas de Teno
Situated 50 km southeast of Los Queñes and 90 km northeast of El Romeral. The lagoons are located at the source of the river of the same name, in the Andean countryside. During wintertime the area stays covered in snow up to the sides of the lagoons.

Planchón Volcano
Located 41 km southeast of Los Queñes and 102 km from El Romeral. This volcano, 3,991 meters’ high, is an attractive peak for mountaineering. Its eastern hillsides are steep and gather snow and ice that come away during thaws. The volcano dominates the view you get from the Teno Lagoon. The best access to the volcano for hikers is across the ravine of the River Claro.

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