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A seaside resort located 37km north of Concepción and only 9km from Tomé; visited by thousands of tourists every season. Its 2,400 meter-long beach and gentle waves make it suitable for water sports. Excellently equipped hotels and high level restaurants can be found there.

To the north of Dichato there are more great beaches, such as Burca and Merquiche.

Places to visit around Dichato

A complex of tourist and residential properties located 2km from Dichato, reached by a detour. This modern development is one of the largest of this kind in Chile, surrounded by woodland, situated next to a river which forms a lagoon at its mouth and a beautiful white sandy peach suitable for water sports.

It also boasts an excellent restaurant, cabañas and fully-equipped apartments, football pitches, tennis courts, paddle courts (a form of the game pelota), basketball and volleyball courts, a children’s playground, water toboggans and 6 swimming pools on the beach.

Playa Puda
Located 8 km from Dichato and reached by a short detour between a little valley and a brook, this yellow sand beach has crystal-clear waters and lots of seaweed. An excellent place for sea-bass and toyo fishing.

Playa Merquiche
Located 12 km from Dichato, situated alongside the road, this is a small and solitary beach with a strong tide, in a beautiful setting.

Playa Burca
Located 14 km from Dichato, and reached by a short detour, this beach has clear waters and a strong tide. It is an ideal place for sports fishing of sea-bass and sole.

Playa Purema
Located 20 km from Dichato, this beach is home to a country house situated next to its open bay. Its sands are dark and there is a strong tide here. It’s an excellent spot for sports fishing.

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