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Curarrehue name means “place of new stones”. This area in on the road to Argentina via the Mamuil Malal pass. This makes it a popular stop-over attraction.

It is 40 kms from Pucón. It was founded in 1912 by colonizing farmers and was officially founded in 1981. Its population numbers a little over 6,000 inhabitants and its principal activities are agricultural.

In the area tourist attractions include the Panqui Thermal Baths, the Ancamil Vigil, the natural surroundings of the town, especially areas such as Reigolil, Puesco-Aduana, Lanin Volcano and Rinconada, which offer the visitor beautiful native forests and volcanoes.

Currarehue does posses a tourist infrastructure for those passing through. It is also the starting point for some adventure tourism with some fantastic day hikes. The town has accommodation possibilities as well as restaurants. There are also cultural activities such as Nguillatunes and handicraft shows. For more information ask the local tourist information office.

Areas of touristic value to visit around Curarrehue

Panqui Hot Springs
Located 158km. from Temuco in the Panqui sector of the Villarica National Park Villarrica National Park, about 58 kms. northeast of Pucon. They were built as a Centre for Health Retreats, and have two hot pools, a warm pool, a mudbath, special cold pools fed from the Yanqui River, and a restaurant.

Accomodation is offered in Tepees (Sioux style tents) which are built on wooden platforms and take up to three people each. It also provides a hotel service with 9 double rooms all on-suite, a large meeting and conference room. Masage services are offered, guided walks, events, and laundry service.

The temperature of the water fluctuates between 36º and 42º C. They are open all year round.

To get there you go 40 kms. on the road from Pucón-Curarrehue (1km. before the turning). you can get a taxi from Pucón to take you there.

Ancamil Recuerdo Hot Springs
Located only 5kms. from Currarehue in the Maichín Bajo sector these thermals include 10 thermal baths which fluctuate between 27 and 42 º C, a mud bath, a natural open air swimming pool and camping zones. These thermals include two fully equipped basic cabins for rent.

Rinconada Sector
This is characterized by large extensions of native forests and paths. Interesting things to see include the lagoons Loncofilo, Azul, Blanca and Verde; the Quetrupillán Volcano; The river Palguín , Guampoe, Carén, Cavedaña and Huilco; and the Villarica National Park

Reigolil Sector
Of special interest in the area are the lagoons Huesquefilo, Los Patos, Isolda and Córdova, Malalco Waterfall or the Velo de la Novia, the rivers Reigolil, Maichín and Liucura, amongst others. In this area there are various local cultural activities, specially noticeable are the Nguillatunes.

Lanín Volcano
To be found in the Villarrica Nacional Park. It is 3.754 meters high and is apt for climbing.

Quillelhue Lagoon
To be found in the shadows of the Lanin Volcano, it is surrounded by araucarias and has beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming or fishing. Also interesting are the bird species which live in the area.

Hualalafquén Lagoon

Located 27kms from Curarrehue this crystal clear lagoon provides the tourist with an area of exceptional natural beauty.

Municipal Camping
This is located 1km from Curarrehue,across the Yanqui, in the Pichi Sector.

The name in Mapudungun, the local indigenous language, means “green”. It is on the international route, km 12. It has a campsite, a picnic area and services, and has direct access to the River Trancura.

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