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Cunco Community

This is a pre-Columbus community originally situated on the coast between the river Bueno and the Chacao canal. In the 15th century its people abandoned the mainland, forced by the Mapuches to emigrate to the northern part of Chiloé Island.

The cuncos were farming/potters who developed an agriculture based on crops such as potatoes, corn and quinoa, as a means of self sufficiency and the first of these crops is still fundamental to Chiloé Island. They used llama skins to sew and weave their clothing. 
They also sailed around the smaller islands on tiny rafts made of three planks which were tied together, catching fish that were hiding amongst the vegetation at low tide. Their dwellings were rudimentary, characterised by houses made of wood or large branches. They mixed and shared with their neighbours – the chonos – and both cultures and customs merged together to constitute the present day culture of Chiloé Island.
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