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Contulmo Natural Monument

12 km from Purén, on the paved road to Contulmo, the natural monument comprises an area of 82 hectares and is located on the southern slopes of the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta.

It has a mediterranean climate, modified by the low altitude of the area, which allows for a maritime influence and damp winds from the west, which generate a considerable increase in precipitation as compared to adjacent areas.

These natural conditions have allowed for the growth of a variety of species of trees such as the olivillo, ulmo, tepa, tineo, laurel and roble, and a thick undergrowth of quila, murtilla, ferns and copihue. This vegetation provides shelter for various types of animals and birds, such as the puma, fox, monito del monte, pudú, fío fío, hued hued, chucao, cachudito and zorzal.
You can reach the park from Angol or Collipulli by travelling towards the coast and passing through Los Sauces and Purén.

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