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Concón covers an area of 76km and sits at 230 metres above sea level. The current population is 32,273 people.

Concón benefits from a Western Temperate Climate which is denoted by the cold marine currents which lap against the shore line and the winds from the sea which moderate the temperature. As such, the temperature is largely similar throughout the year with moderate rainfall in the winter and drought in the summer. The average temperature in summer is 20° C and 15° C in winter.

Places to Visit in Concón:

The Concón History and Archaeology Museum

This was founded on the 2nd of May 1999 principally to conserve Concón’s cultural heritage allowing it to be promoted to inhabitants and visitors alike.
The exhibits date from as long as 2000 years ago and relate to many cultural activities. The pieces are diverse in origin, amongst others, you can see tools, cooking utensils, hunting equipment and agricultural items. 
Furthermore, there is an exhibit on The Battle of Concón which was an important battle during the War of the Pacific.

There is also a digital exhibition of photographs of the town.

Media Luna Club de Huasos Los Diez Amigos

This rodeo ring is located on one side of the road to Quintero, 100 metres from the Concón roundabout. It was established in 1989 and is unique as it is the only club of its kind to be located between two bodies of water – the Pacific Ocean and the Aconcagua River.

Higuerillas Yacht Club

The club was founded in 1955 and is renowned for its traditional regattas. The address is Avenida Borgoño 21555, Sector Higuerillas.

Boulevard Gastronómico

Concón has become the most important gastronomic zone in the region and as a result of its excellent reputation it has been christened "The Gastronomic Capital of the V Region". A title earned from the large number of restaurants found on this street which is divided into the following sectors: Sector La Boca, Sector Higuerillas Costa and Sector de Picadas (Higuerillas Alto).

San Pedro Fishing Cove

Located on Avenida Borgoño to the south of La Boca beach the use of this cove for fishing dates from the 19th Century when it was known as la Caletilla (the diminutive form meaning the little fishing cove).

Higuerillas Fishing Cove

This fishing cove is located on Avenida Borgoño in the Higuerillas neighbourhood. The Fisherman’s Trade Union here dates from the 28th of February 1945.

Playa Los Lilenes

This beach has good services, handy parking and a restaurant. It is well known for its location by the sand dunes.

Playa Mancilla

This is the smallest beach and is known for the high concentration of shells found here. It is a quiet beach with a nice family atmosphere.

Campo Dunar

Located at the southerly tip of Concón access is via the high road which connects Concón and Reñaca. On the 5th of August 1993 it was designated as a nature sanctuary and is of important archaeological significance. Its natural formation is very beautiful and makes it suitable for many activities such as walking, paragliding and sandboarding, as well as the traditional pastime of sliding down the dunes!

The Waterfront (El Borde Costero)

This road connects the beach towns of Concón and Reñaca. Construction began in 1917 and the road was finally available for public use in 1921. This new route left the old route "Camino Real" between Viña del Mar and Concón in disuse, as a result the main centre of the town was moved to the shorefront and Concón became a busy summer resort. It has always been appreciated for its beautiful scenery.

Mirador Roca Oceánica

This lookout point sits on a very pretty rocky headland. It was designated as a nature sanctuary on the 27th of March 1990 (D.S 481 Ley Nº 17.288). It stands out for its physical form, which is of great geological value, and for its abundant native coastal vegetation.

Playa La Boca

This beach is 1km long and is located on one side of the estuary of the Aconcagua River, it has thick black sand as a result of its proximity to the river. It’s a great beach for sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, fishing, horseriding and is ideal for long walks. In the vicinity there are some quaint restaurants and a handicrafts market where authentic local craftsmen show off and sell their wares.

Playa Amarilla

Located to the south of the Aconcagua River this beach has good services such as, bathrooms, terraces for sitting and changing rooms. The high quality sand and the calm waters make it a favourite among visitors to Concón.

Playa Negra

To the south of the Aconcagua River and along from Playa Amarilla you can find Playa Negra. There are not a lot of services here but in summer there are beach huts and some other useful beach items for visitors. It’s a very safe beach for the little ones, well liked for its waves and rockpools with small sections of black sand no longer than 300m.

Playa Bahamas

This beach forms part of Higuerillas Bay and there are no services. It is appreciated for its calm waters which make it perfect for practicing sports like windsurfing and bodyboarding.

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