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Puente Conchi
Conchi bridge stands 105 meters above the river, and its length is 244 meters. It was built in 1890 and is one the highest bridges in Chile.
Only cars are allowed to cross it now, but years ago locomotives also used it to cross the river. Due to the weight of the locomotives, a special bridge for them was built in 1945. The bridge is 68 km from Calama and is on the route from Antofagasta to Bolivia.

Embalse Conchi
The Conchi dam is located on the River Loa. Built during the seventies, its main function is to regulate the waters of the Río Loa, giving rise to a long, narrow lake. It is considered an important work of irrigation engineering in the desert because it provides water to the sectors of Lasana, Chiu Chiu, and Quillagua.

Access from Calama is via the road that goes to Mina el Abra. Conchi is at km 71 on the road.

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