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The name of this town means “colored lands” in the Mapuche language. It is 96 km from Temuco and 32 km from Angol and has a population of over 22,000.

Collipulli was founded on November 22 1867as a military fort, of which no traces remain today. It was protected by defensive ditches and wooden stakes, and was supported by a series of bridges placed over the Río Malleco and its tributaries.

Other forts were also established in the area, among them: Huenquén, Cancura, Lolenco, Chiguaihue, Perasco and Curaco. This entire process of fortification was accompanied by the installation of settlers who devoted themselves to agriculture in the area surrounding the forts.

The construction of the Viaducto del Malleco, today a National Monument, together with its official inauguration on October 26 1890 by the then President of the Republic, Manuel Balmaceda, marks a milestone in the history of Collipulli. From that date onwards, Collipulli and the region could count on a rapid and effective transportation system for trade.

The city’s economic activity is based on farming, forestry, and services. In this regard, despite the fact that the majority of the land is suitable for agriculture, an increasing area has been given over to forestry in the last few years.

Sites of interest for the tourist to visit in Collipulli

Mirador Puente Malleco
The highway and railway bridges over the Río Malleco are of easy access, being located on the western side of Ruta 5 Sur. This is an unrestricted area all year round and the lookout point can be reached by Ruta 5 Sur as well as by the old road that connects Collipulli to the lower of Malleco.

Here you can go bungee-jumping, or simply enjoy the countryside, as the lookout is a privileged site for observing the surrounding area.

Convento Franciscano
The convent is located in Collipulli and is remarkable for being an attractive religious place within the urban area. Moreover, it is a Historical Monument owing to the age of the building.

Balneario La Esperanza
There is good access to this resort from Ruta 5 Sur via the entry road to Villa Esperanza, which is located on the western side of the highway. The resort is 15 km north of Collipulli.
There are facilities for camping and picnics and these are open all year round, but the resort itself only operates during the summer.

Camping Niblito
Located 57 km from Collipulli, on the banks of the Río Niblito, it has an area for outdoor sports and is also suitable for camping.

Salto Chanchagua
The waterfall is located 30 km north west of Collipulli and has good access. You can reach the waterfall from the Mininco crossing on Ruta 5 Sur; follow this road for 12 km as far as the Huapitrio crossing. From there, you go 4 km south passing the houses of Chanchagua.

Balneario Quilquihuenco
Located 18 km from Collipulli. You can enjoy camping and practice a variety of sports. The campsite only operates in January and February.

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