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Chiloé National Park


The park covers 43,057 hectares and is located on the western slope of the Cordillera de la Costa, where it is called Piuchén. It is divided into three areas: Chepu, Metalqui islet and Anay.

The maritime climate is generally humid and warm, with average annual temperatures of 10°C. The landscape is characterized by the presence of small rivers which flow into the ocean, for example Abtao, Cole Cole, Cipresal and Refugio.

The flora is evergreen forest. Common species here are the Tepa, Arrayán, Olivillo, Luma, Tepú, Alerce and Coigue. The wildlife is made up of a variety of species of both birds and mammals such as the Chilote fox, pudú and the monito del monte, a small marsupial.

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