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Chilean Salad Recipes

Chilean Salad:

· Tomatoes
· Onions
· Green Chilli Pepper
· Salt and oil for the dressing
Finely slice the onion, don`t dry them or they will lose their flavour and form. Try not to use the "de guarda", "calderana" or "valenciana" varieties as these are very strong, choose the variety known as "amable" which is softer and is easier to digest.
Cut the tomatoes into thin segments, peeled if desired, if they are small they should be cut into segments but if they are large it is better to dice or slice them. If they are excessively juicy leave them in a colander to strain once you have cut them.
De-pip the green chilli pepper if it is very strong, in other words if it is summer or autumn, then chop it into small squares and either add it to the salad or place it in a separate dish to be added in the amount preferred. 
The best proportions to use are three tomatoes to one green chilli pepper and one medium sized onion. 
Broad Bean Salad
· 2 ½ kg broad beans
· 1 small onion
· ½ clove of garlic
· 2 dessertspoons chopped parsley
· vinegar, oil, salt and pepper
Take the beans out of their pods and boil them in water with salt; let them cool in the water and then strain them. Finely chop the onion and mix with the parsley and broad beans. Add the ground garlic to the dressing. If the beans are not very soft because of the season, remove the skins.
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