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Beaches near Ancud


Playa Lechahua
Located 7 km from Ancud, this is the most popular beach for the people of the town and the only place in the area recommended for swimming. There are cabins and campsites available around the beach.

Playa Mar Brava
Located 21 km from Ancud, this beach displays the fury of the Pacific Ocean. The Piedra del Run lies at the southern end of the beach surrounded by deep gullies, and owes its name to the noise produced by the waves, caused by the deep sea swell and the south wind, breaking against the enormous rock. According to local legend, there are hidden treasures inside the Piedra Run which no-one has been able to reach. You can also fish off the beach in Mar Brava, catching species such as corvina, tollo and sea bass.

Balneario Arena Gruesa
This resort is located at the end of Calle Baquedano in Ancud, and is a place where attractive large events, such as fashion shows and folklore festivals, take place. There is also an open beach fishing contest which takes place during the summer.

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