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Beaches and Beach Resorts of the “Norte Chico”

Bahía Cisne: Lies to the south of Bahía Inglesa. The fact that this bay, with its white sands and turquoise waters, is still free of tourism services makes it all the more beautiful. The beach forms a semi-circle some 400 metres long, with a smooth slope and gentle breezes.
Ramada and Rodillo Beaches: The tranquil beauty of these beaches, located 6 kilometres north of Caldera, makes them a great place to relax. The beaches are of soft, white sand sloping gently to the water’s edge. There are in fact two separate sectors, but in practice they form a single beach. There is no tourism infrastructure.
Portofino Beach: Located 20 kilometres south of Chañaral. It extends over a long stretch of coastline consisting of small bays and creeks between rocky outcrops, making it an interesting place to bathe and also offering good fishing. The beach itself offers some 60 metres of crystalline water with white sands and a gentle swell.
Bahía Inglesa: This resort is located 5 kilometres south of Caldera, and extends over approximately 12 kilometres. It is famous throughout the country, and offers services which include hotels, restaurants etc. The bay has a white sand beach and warm, turquoise coloured waters. In the southern sector of the resort you will find Las Machas, Rocas Negras and Las Algas, as well as other undeveloped beaches such as Chorrillos and Bahía Cisne. At the northern end is Playa Piscina (Swimming pool beach). It is surrounded by rocks, leaving closed bays which are ideal for bathing.
Tres Playitas (Three little beaches): This area, which offers excellent conditions for recreational activities, is located north of the port of Huasco. The white sand beach with its gentle swell is some 300 metres long, and is sub-divided into three different sectors, giving rise to its name.
Carrizal Bajo: This is a fishing bay with excellent beaches for visitors. It offers a variety of services for lodging and eating out. It is just next to the remains of what used to be the most important mining port in the country.

Villa Alegre:  This deep little bay has no tourism infrastructure. Its geographical characteristics provide perfect protection from the cold.

Playa Flamenco: This is a long beach well equipped with restaurants and other services for visitors. There is a fish farm in the bay which produces a number of different types of seafood such as scallops, Japanese oysters etc.

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