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Baños Morales

These thermal baths are located 72km from Santiago and can be accessed following the Cajón del Maipo road until the junction of the River Yeso and the River El Volcán – where the paved road finishes. The remaining 30km of the road are along a gravel track. Public transport is also available.

The small village has three thermal pools which are run by the local community. One pool is 1m 50cm deep, another is 1m 70cm deep and the other, especially for children is 70cm deep. The temperature of the water in all three pools is above  28º C.

In the vicinity there are retirement homes and a gypsum mine (Lo Valdés), whose administration is responsible for keeping the road passable throughout the year. As well as enjoying the fresh air, thermal waters and mountain scenery there are waterfalls along the way.

You can also visit the canyons at La Tenca 69km away, El Salto which is 71km away, and buy marine fossils 65km away. From Baños Morales there are also tours to Baños de Colina and las Termas de Plomo. It is also possible to visit El Morado (a natural heritage site) and Glaciar San Francisco.

The baths are open to the public 9am to 6pm, all year round.

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