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Attractions around Puerto Aisén

Laguna San Rafael
The laguna is part of the Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael, which covers an area of 1.742,000 hectares. Laguna San Rafael was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979.

From Puerto Chacabuco, you can take a magnificent trip, sailing south into the Fiordo Aisén, continuing along the Costa Channel and then deep into the Estuario Elefantes, where you can admire the marvelous Laguna San Rafael. At the head of the laguna is a huge glacier, with thousand of ice floes of all sizes, one of the most impressive examples of the beauty of nature in the south. When large chunks of ice break off and fall into the water, you feel dwarfed by the magnitude and power of this phenomenon.

Lago Riesco
This immense lake is located only 26 km from Puerto Aisén, and the access road is in good condition. Here you can appreciate an abundance of local vegetation. It covers an area of 14 km2 and it is a place of great natural beauty which is worth taking the time to admire.

Its waters, which are always calm, offer a great number of possibilities for various sports, such as fishing.

Puerto Chacabuco
Lying 14 km from Puerto Aisén, this port is considered to be the main access point to the area of Aisén by sea and is the most important port in the Region. Deep draught vessels can dock here and there is also a constant movement of ferries which sail up to Puerto Montt, and of picturesque fishing boats which come in from the high seas.

You can admire a view of Puerto Chacabuco against the majestic back-drop of the Andes from the lookout point here.

The port took the place of Puerto Aisén in the sixties and it is currently a ferry terminal and the main port for larger ships. Food and hotel accommodation are also available here.

Parque Nacional Río Simpson
Located 32 km northwest of Puerto Aisén, this national park covers an area of 40,452 hectares and has a rugged terrain, with mountains soaring to over 1,600 meters, and valleys and narrow gorges carved out by the rivers which run between them. Points of interest in the park include the Río Correntoso, which flows into the Río Simpson, and the Cascada de la Virgen, both of which are surrounded by beautiful countryside and lush vegetation.

You can reach this area by taking the paved road from Puerto Chacabuco to Coihaique for 37 km. The two waterfalls, Cascada de la Virgen and Salto Velo de Novia, are undoubtedly worth a visit in this area.

Monumento Natural Cinco Hermanas
Located 50 km from the town of Puerto Aisén, near the entrance of the Fiordo Aisén, this natural monument is made up of six small islands which together cover an area of 228 hectares. Local tree species in this area are Canelo, Coigue de Chiloé and Tepa.

With regard to the local fauna, the commonest group are the sea birds such as gulls, cormorants, and the Imperial cormorants. Interesting mammals that can be seen in this area are the chungungo and the common sea-lion.

Valle Pangal
This valley is 8 km from Puerto Aisén on the road from Aisén to Coihaique, and a few minutes after the turning you will have a magnificent view of the Río Aisén valley. A few kilometers further on you will see a footbridge over the Río Pangal, and 8 km deeper into the valley, you will find a beautiful high waterfall called Salto del León.

Villa Mañihuales
Located 20 km from Puerto Aisén, you can reach this picturesque rural country town by taking a turning off the road from Aisén to Coihaique. The road to the town follows the lovely Río Mañihuales, crossing several bridges.

Laguna Los Palos
Nestled in a valley in the Andes about 10 km from Puerto Aisén, you reach the Laguna Los Palos by a winding road which crosses a beautiful suspension bridge over the Río Los Palos. Both the river and the Laguna Los Palos are excellent places to fish. You can also enjoy other activities such as walking, photography and observation of the flora and wildlife of the area.

Lago Portales
Located 20 km from Puerto Aisén and 80 km from the city of Coihaique, this area is surrounded by impressive countryside and it can be reached by crossing the Río Blanco in a small ferry.

This is an excellent spot for fishing, particularly fly-fishing, and you can also carry out activities such as observing the flora and wildlife of the area, photography, walking, kayaking, canoeing and swimming.

Laguna Fantasma
Located to the north of the road, the woods which come right down to the waterside of this lake give it a special air.

Termas de Quitralco
These hot springs are in the Fiordo Quitralco on the way to Puerto Aisén. They are among the most remote hot springs in Chile with temperatures between 50 and 65°C.

Termas de Chilconal
These hot springs are located in the Fiordo Aisén 40 km west of Puerto Aisén, and 50 meters above sea level. They are two and a half hours sailing time from Puerto Chacabuco.

Their thermal waters rise at a temperature which varies between 34 and 35°C and they are recommended for the treatment of arthritis and general rheumatic pain. The Termas del Chilconal are the closest hot springs to Puerto Aisén and Coihaique and they are associated with the volcanic core of the Andes. You can visit these hot springs from September to March.

Volcán Hudson
This volcano is 137 km south of Coihaique and it is also south of Puerto Aisén. It rises to 1,905 meters above sea level and it produced the second largest eruption in Chile in August 1971, which destroyed the small Patagonian mountain village of Huemules. Its last eruption was registered in 1991.

Volcán Maca
This inactive volcano is 2,960 meters above sea level and lies about 40 km from Puerto Aisén, near the Cerro Pérez.

Islas Huichas
These small islands are dotted around the estuary of the Fiordo Aisén, over an area of about 2.5 km2. In this area you can also visit Puerto Aguirre and the picturesque little town of Caleta Andrade.

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