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Attractions around Melipilla


Granja Educativa El Molino
This educational farm is located 10 km from Melipilla, at Parcela 278. There are a variety of animals on this two hectare lot, including cows, pigs, horses, pheasants, and peacocks, but the star attractions of the center are undoubtedly the ducks; a variety of species live in a pond, which you can cross by a bridge.

The main objective of the farm is to introduce visitors to the life of a variety of animals and how they are reared, the valuable work of the farmers and the richness of the land.

In the farm buildings there are children’s games, picnic areas, dining rooms, milking parlors and pens where you can see a variety of species of animals and poultry; outside in the beautiful natural setting there are lakes and fields.


Laguna Esmeralda
This artificial lake is located 6 km from Melipilla, on the old road to San Antonio, to the north of the Autopista del Sol. The total area is 23.5 hectares, of which 11.1 hectares are an artificial pool 20 meters in depth. The pool is fed by subterranean streams which are renewed constantly.

Here you can find various species of fish and birds. It is an important fishing center, since the pond has been well stocked with rainbow trout and Chilean and Argentinean pejerrey. There is good tourism infrastructure, with 50 camping sites, 2 beaches, a restaurant, facilities for sailing etc.

Hacienda San Manuel
This old property is located 14 km south west of Melipilla, in the town of San Manuel. To get there take Ruta G-60, Camino Melipilla-Rapel. Turn off towards the west, to the town of San Manuel.

Here you will find an old estate house surrounded by a large area of vegetation, with both native and foreign trees. You will learn something about a number of distinguished persons, and can visit the old church, a cinema dating back to the 19th century and a museum where relics of the founders are preserved.

Valle de Mallarauco
This cultivated valley lies 15 km from Melipilla and 70 km from Santiago. It runs for 30 km through cultivated fields, mainly of citrus fruits and avocados.

Horcón de Piedra
This hill, which rises to 2,076 meters above sea level, is located in the area of Viluma, about 35 km from Melipilla. There are two routes to get there: one goes through Paliocabe, 28 km south east of Melipilla, and the other through Pabellón, bordering the hill.

It is covered with varied native vegetation, and on the top there are some very old roble trees. There are excursion tracks that you can enjoy on foot, by motorbike, bicycle or on horseback.

From here you have a wonderful view of the landscape of Valle de la Viluma, and towards the area of Laguna de Aculeo. It is an ideal place for adventurous activities.

Ruta del Queso de Melipilla
On this trip you can learn how cheese, one of the most important derivatives of milk, is made. Melipilla is the center of operations of this initiative, which comprises three independent tours: Culiprán (10 km south of the city); Mallarauco – Bollenar (20 km to the north) and Puangue (8 km to the west), where apart from seeing how cheese is produced you can also enjoy the pleasures of life in the countryside.

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