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Attractions around Los Vilos


Quebrada de Quereo (Quereo Gorge)
Located 2 km to the south of Los Vilos, this is an interesting archeological site where many fossils have been found, dating from 12,000 to 15,000 years B.C., as well as ritual vestments from ancient civilizations that once inhabited the region.

Punta de Lobos
Located 5 km to the south of Los Vilos, this is a natural viewpoint from where you can see the island Isla de Lobos, where 1,400 specimens of seals live.

Located 30 km south of Los Vilos, 272 km south of La Serena and 200 km north of Santiago. This is one of the prettiest resorts of the region. It is characterized by its stone and fine timbered buildings. Its church, embedded in rock next to the sea, stands out in particular.

The beaches of Pichidangui are well known throughout Chile and are suitable for windsurfing, attracting thousands of visitors during the summer. The bay has white sands and is 7 km wide.

It has excellent hotel accommodation, motels, campsites, a yacht club, and restaurants. The restaurants serve rich seafood dishes, like seafood pailas (a Chilean fried meal), ceviches, mariscales, and other very sought after and appetizing dishes for the visitor.

The Valley of Quilimarí is found a few kilometers south of Los Vilos. Here you will find the village of Quilimarí, known for its pretty textile crafts. 16 km east of Quilimarí is the picturesque little town of Guangualí, with its traditional pottery wares, which range in colors from vivid red to black in forms that stand out by the simplicity of their designs.

Los Molles
Located 193 km north of Santiago and south of Los Vilos, this is a picturesque place made up of a large beach 4 km in length, with fine white sands. There is a very pretty fishing cove.

Because of its large size, this resort is ideal for enjoying bathing in the sea, rambling, shore fishing and admiring the countryside.

Agua Amarilla Beach
Located 7 km from Los Vilos, this is a large beach with very fine sand, located at the side of the Conchalí lagoon. On the coastal part, the beach forms a horseshoe and on the north side it is protected from the swell by a formation of marine rocks. There are many sand dunes, and it’s suitable for water sports, but not for swimming.

Ñague Beach
Located 12 km northeast of Los Vilos, this is a clean and golden beach, 800 meters long, that is located in a cove protected from the swell of the sea, sheltered from the winds, making the conditions perfect for swimming and water sports.

Conchalí Lagoon
The Conchalí Lagoon is located 4 km northeast of Los Vilos, in Punta de Chungo, with 50 hectares of wetlands, converted into a Nature Sanctuary.

In this place you can see more than 100 species of birds, amongst them the Coscoroba Swan and the Marsh Raven, species close to extinction which have found adequate conditions in which to survive in Conchalí Lagoon.

Under the protection of the mining company Los Pelambres, this sanctuary can be visited every day of the year. Amongst the installations there is a viewpoint with long distance binoculars that you can use to observe the bird life, a walk, and a picnic area next to the lagoon.

Conchalí Beach

Located 6 km northeast of Los Vilos, close to the Conchalí lagoon, the beach is approximately 2 km long and is suitable for bathing.

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