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Attractions Around La Tirana

La Guaica
Founded in 1850, the town lies only a few kilometers from Pozo Almonte. Originally, it was surrounded by forests of Tamarugo trees, but these had to be felled because of the requirements of the nitrates mines in the sector. Nevertheless, the only remaining natural forests of Tamarugos and Carob trees may be seen in the surrounding area.

The splendor of La Guaica reached its peak in the period of the nitrates industry; now the town lies in ruins.

Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve
The Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve comprises 24 thousand hectares of artificial plantations of Tamarugo trees (Prosopis tamarugo). It lies 70 km inland from Iquique, in the municipalities of Huara and Pozo Almonte. The central office is 25 km from Pozo Almonte.

Huasco Salt Flat
The salt flat is situated in the vicinity of Pozo Almonte. The surface is dotted with little lakes frequented by large numbers of birds, and around the edge there are water-holes surrounded by vegetation, where camelids may be seen grazing.

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