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Attractions around La Ligua

Situated south of La Ligua, along the Panamericana, in a closed in valley. During the indigenous period, gold was mined here by the old system of gold panning.

Las Chorreadas
These are cold thermal springs, found 10 km to the east of La Ligua.

Valle de Longotoma (Longotoma Valley)
Situated 15 km north of La Ligua, this valley has a very rural atmosphere.

Valle Hermoso (Lovely Valley)
Situated 5 km to the north, known as the Cuna del Tejido (Cradle of Fabric) on the bank of the Ligua river, here you can find points of sale and production of vests, blankets, and other garments.

The Antigua Encomienda de Valle Hermoso (Old Package of Lovely Valley) used to be found in this town, when the settlers of the Colony used to extract gold from Cerro Pulmahue.

Caleta Pichicuy
This cove is situated 54 km northeast of La Ligua. It is a pleasant, large beach formed of three sections called Rocas de Los Patos (Rocks of the Ducks), Punta de La Poza (Pool Point), and Caleta Pichicuy (Pichicuy Cove), where you can taste and purchase seafood and fish. In January the average temperature is 17ºC.

This is a suitable place to make excursions and picnic. It is also good for diving, underwater hunting, fishing and swimming. There is a section for camping, run by the Municipality of Ligua.

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