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Attractions around Coquimbo


Playa Blanca

From the public road from Guanaqueros to Tongoy, Ruta D-43, and along an interior road for 5 km, you reach Playa Blanca. This is a little bay about 500 meters long. The bay has great conditions for shore sport fishing, swimming and water sports.

Las Mostazas Beach

Located 28 km from Coquimbo and 40 km from La Serena to the south, this is a beach 3 km in length that is maintained in its natural state, where you can enjoy the seaside landscapes and fishing. There is a campsite.

Las Tacas Resort

Located 19 km to the south of La Serena and 17 km from Coquimbo. It resembles a little bay with a beach approximately 320 meters in dimension.

The fine, white sandy beach descends smoothly to the beach, and the conditions are favorable for the practice of a wide range of water sports such as sailing, surfing and diving, amongst others.

On this beach you will find one of the most important property complexes of the country, where the magic of the semi-arid countryside is blended with the modernity of the complex, which includes several blocks of apartments with sea view, an apart-hotel, an international-level restaurant, and a swimming pool, as well as various other services such as an airdrome, communications, sports grounds etc.

Morillos Beach

Located 36 km south of La Serena and 24 km from Coquimbo, this is a beach 6 km in length with ochre sands and crystal-clear waters. You can practice water sports here, such as diving and fishing. There are some cabañas and a campsite.

Socos Beach

Located 60 km southeast of La Serena, 48 km from Coquimbo and 14 km from Guanaqueros Bay. The beach is located to the north of the Tongoy peninsula in the Barnes Bay, and is 4 km in length. It’s conditions are excellent for swimming and water sports, shore sport fishing, diving, etc. To the very north of Socos Beach lies Velero Port, a tourist development with high quality facilities.

Totoralillo Beach

Located 25 km north of La Serena, 17 km from Coquimbo, and 2 km from Las Tacas, this is a pleasant beach 2 km long with a small peninsula and rocky landscape. Its waters are clear and transparent, and it’s suitable for bathing and for fishing, diving and underwater hunting, as well as surfing. There’s a high quality restaurant here, as well as a development of Polynesian-style cabañas.

Guanaqueros Bay

The beach of Guanaqueros is located 34 km from Coquimbo and 46 km from La Serena. It is one of the main tourist centers of the region and provides various places to stay, mainly cabañas and campsites. You can rent holiday houses by the day or week.

The beach is 17 km long, with fine sands and lukewarm waters, ideal for water sports and fishing for sole and sea bass from the shore or out at sea.

At the fishermen’s cove you can negotiate a reasonable price for a boat trip for a couple of hours, or to go fishing early in the morning.

The majority of the streets of the town are paved, and the fishermen’s cove has a quay, stalls, and an area of level ground where they work and where the boats are moored.


Located 48 km from Coquimbo and 60 km from La Serena, Tongoy is made up of a peninsula and two beaches: Socos Beach and Tongoy’s Playa Grande.

Socos beach has an approximate size of 2 km and conditions are excellent for sole and sea bass fishing, mainly from the shore.

It’s reached by a local road that skirts the estero and that connects the town of Tongoy directly with the beach.

Playa Grande is a long beach of approximately 14 km, where the conditions are suitable for swimming, but excellent for shore and sea fishing. You can book boat trips at the port, either for fishing trips or simply to enjoy the views of the countryside.

Both beaches have boarding houses, cabañas, campsites, restaurants, and a fishermen’s cove where you can buy seafood and fish.

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