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Attractions around Cochrane

Tamango National Reserve
Located 9 km from Cochrane, with a surface area of 6,925 hectares, run by CONAF.
A large community of huemueles (southern Andean deer) live here, from the Cervidae family. They grow to 100 cm in height and 70 kg in weight, and live in groups of 2 or 3.
The flora of the reserve is mainly made up of lenga and coihues that you can observe during the guided tours that are available. There are cabañas, campsites and picnic areas.

River Baker

This is the fastest-flowing river in Chile. It is waters are turquoise and conditions are excellent for fishing. This river has several sets of rapids, making it perfect for rafting. It’s navigable for smaller boats until some kilometers before Caleta Tortel.

Campo de Hielo Norte (North Ice Field)
This is an enormous continental ice field, with peaks and gorges between everlasting ice blocks. There are numerous snowfields that lead into rivers and lakes that run to the river Baker.

Cerro San Lorenzo
This cerro (hill) is located 42 km southeast of Cochrane. Its slopes are covered with vegetation and reach 3,700 meters in height. Its peak remains covered with snow all year round.

Lake Cochrane National Reserve
This National Reserve is situated 10 km east of Cochrane, has a surface area of 173.75 km², and is shared with the Republic of Argentina. The relief of the surrounding land is uneven, but you can reach the lake by boat along the river Cochrane. The lake’s waters are an intense blue in color and fishing is permitted. There are communities of huemul (southern Andean deer) living in the surrounding area, that you can visit on guided tours.

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